Strategy – an idea that works

Strategy: The efficient allocation of Limited Resources to accomplish Prioritized Objectives in a Competitive Environment.

Strategy is the process of matching of means (resources) to ends (objectives) in a competitive environment. To do this you must clearly articulate your goals and understand both the competition for scarce resources within the system as well as understand the nature of the “external threat” – competition from other organizations.

A strategic plan is the theory about how an organization can best “create” the outcome it desires. A strategic plan encompasses a broad array of subordinate goals that define the desired End State. This plan is a snapshot of established goals and the allocation of resources according to a set of priorities at a given time. If it is used correctly, the process of developing that plan allows you to make trade-offs between competing objectives over time with limited resources.

However, no matter how well done, a strategic plan is not static in nature. The assumptions upon which it is based will change. The minute a plan is completed, it becomes obsolete. Things change and any “plan” must be constantly updated. If things change significantly, the plan can become worse than no plan at all because it can cause resources to be spent in a counterproductive manner.

Strategic planning is important because it promotes strategic thought. Because “thinking” is an ongoing process, it is inherently dynamic in nature.

Strategic thought requires thinking “conceptually” as opposed to “sequentially.” Sequential thought weighs the pros and cons of each step against its immediate surroundings. Conceptual thought requires that each step be measured against the larger goal.

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  1. Greg Hensley says:

    I couldn’t agree more that it’s way past time the city shows some vision with respect to the future of our city. The question becomes, what kind of vision? Meadowview Conference Center has been touted as the centerpiece of Kingsport’s future vision. The truth is, it came to pass because of the input of the major industries of our community controlling the distribution of their voluntary tax dollars, not the brilliance of our leaders. The same applies to the Aquatic center to a lesser degree. The jury is still out on the overall success of either venture. If you want an example of the city “leadership” and “direction”, you have to look no further than the purchase of supermarket row, next to the redeveloped Kingsport Press complex. By the time they got around to checking the property for contamination(long after they had already spent the money to buy it), they have driven the price of a marginal piece of property all out of context to any intended usage. If the property comes close to fulfilling any vision they may have had, it will require investing even more tax dollars. Where’s the brilliance of that? Everything they touch winds up being FUBARed…Just ask the other hotels and conference centers in the community, or the children and families who enjoyed the legion pools as a convenient , cheap summer pastime. Here’s you a solution that makes some sense….let the city enforce the zoning laws and regulations governing construction practices and get OUT of the development business. They aren’t qualified, they aren’t capable, and they are playing God with money that does not belong to them. In short, they are taking the taxpayer’s money and competing with them. If a business meets existing criteria for the property zoning, let the person who is spending the bucks reap the risk or reward. Run the city and leave the business to the businessmen!