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Don’t see the world as it is not

The world seems to be “going to Hell in a handbasket,” a phrase my mom would occasionally use to describe the steady slide into chaos (or worse). The laws of thermodynamics apply: Life moves… Read More

We can be World Class

It pains me to watch us flog ourselves like some medieval flagellants. Certainly, our region is far from perfect; we suffer from many of the same ills as other rural areas. Yet, despite significant… Read More

What happened to the “Big Tent?”

I grew of age (politically speaking) in the Reagan era. I watched the economic and social malaise of the 1970s recede before a message of hope and optimism. A renewed American spirit took hold.… Read More

What are the limits of Free Speech?

There has recently been some controversy in Kingsport, which has centered on the trade-off between good order and safety versus the exercise of free speech and freedom to assemble. One effort has been focused… Read More

Will Regionalism Succeed this Time?

Here we go again. There is yet another attempt to pull the Tri-Cities region together. At last there is movement towards the consolidation of the external industrial recruiting programs. We have even re-named ourselves… Read More

What do we do with the Homeless

Several weeks ago, while sitting outside at a local downtown restaurant, we observed a man stumbling down the street. His course veered off towards the benches in the median and with a blood-curdling “thump”… Read More