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An entrepreneur’s favorite word is “yes.” We are perpetual optimists. Success is always possible. If you ever stop believing that, shut your operation down immediately and find something else to do that will make… Read More

Who should get the Bailout?

During the financial crisis of 2008, Wall Street banks received massive taxpayer subsidies to stay afloat. They were “too big to fail,” a policy based on the belief that these companies, if they folded,… Read More

Did Bernie Sanders Win the Debate?

At the South Carolina Democratic Presidential Debate, most of the candidates attacked Bernie Sanders, in an attempt to forestall his momentum going into the Super Tuesday primary elections. They appeared to have been successful.… Read More

Whom shall we mourn?

There was recently a tragic event that took the life of a venerable citizen of our country. Kobe Bryant, a beloved basketball icon and an individual who tried to give back to his community.… Read More

Why ya gotta love (and hate) Trump

Trump is a horrible guy. Arrogant. Narcissistic. Crass. Really, just not much to like about the guy….except, he is what America needed at a particular moment in time and space. Let’s be honest, America… Read More

What are the limits of Free Speech?

There has recently been some controversy in Kingsport, which has centered on the trade-off between good order and safety versus the exercise of free speech and freedom to assemble. One effort has been focused… Read More