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Who should get the Bailout?

During the financial crisis of 2008, Wall Street banks received massive taxpayer subsidies to stay afloat. They were “too big to fail,” a policy based on the belief that these companies, if they folded,… Read More

Will Regionalism Succeed this Time?

Here we go again. There is yet another attempt to pull the Tri-Cities region together. At last there is movement towards the consolidation of the external industrial recruiting programs. We have even re-named ourselves… Read More

What do we do with the Homeless

Several weeks ago, while sitting outside at a local downtown restaurant, we observed a man stumbling down the street. His course veered off towards the benches in the median and with a blood-curdling “thump”… Read More

So similar, yet so very unalike

I have just returned from a trip out west to Rocky Mountain National Park. Like the Smokey Mountains of our region, the vistas are awe-inspiring. Likewise, Estes Park is not dissimilar to Gatlinburg, lots… Read More

Why don’t we use what we have?

Sunday night I attended a concert at the back portico of the MeadowView Conference Center. It was affiliated with the Tennessee Big Shots, the regional World Long Drive golf championships, which was a magnificent… Read More