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Don’t leave home without it (a plan)

We all start things with optimism. Our expectation of the future is colored with what we wish things to be, often the “best case” scenario. But life is…well, life. It throws us lots of… Read More

Don’t see the world as it is not

The world seems to be “going to Hell in a handbasket,” a phrase my mom would occasionally use to describe the steady slide into chaos (or worse). The laws of thermodynamics apply: Life moves… Read More

I am a Stranger in a Strange Land

I sometimes feel “lost in space” (and time), a sentiment that seems to assault my being on a more frequent basis every year. Perhaps this is the inevitable consequence of growing old. Now that… Read More

COVID can’t dampen the Human Spirit

We recently celebrated a significant, and joyous, occasion for our family. My daughter graduated from medical school and is off to start the next phase of her life’s great adventure. With the bestowing of… Read More

Faith without a Strategy is just Hope

Life seems in flux. There are so many forces acting on us these days: the Pandemic; stresses on the economy; and change of administration after a brutal bloody campaign. These produce points of conflict… Read More

How many “next times” do we have?

When I was young, the world seemed endless. Youth gives you a type of serenity knowing there was always “next time” (another Spring Break, another football game, or another Christmas to celebrate). When an… Read More